Inanimate Carbon Rod In The Running

It’s been an amazing two weeks since we started the campaign, where over 900 of you have showed your support for my candidacy to be YOUR next National President. And today I can confirm that you WILL be able to vote for me at national conference this April, after we handed in  my nominations and manifesto today.

But these two weeks haven’t been without hurdles – and every challenge along the way, with courage I have faced. I have battled every day to claim my rightful place as a candidate, despite NUS disgracefully rejecting the concept of personhood of inanimate objects. With NUS unwilling to let me stand alone, despite my clear and powerful record, we decided that, to ensure all 900 could have your voice heard, to enter my candidacy via an official bearer: Sam Gaus. And it may be his name on the ballot, but know this friends, it is Rod that you are voting for.

For now, go back to your campuses and prepare for Rod; and come Conference, we can win, and we can be APPALLED.

You can view my print manifesto here: .pdf Manifesto


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