Model Motion of Support

Below is a model motion that you can present to your Student Union’s policy making body (General Meetings, Student Councils, etc.), to encourage your union’s delegates to national conference to back the campaign.

If you present the motion, and especially if it passes, let us know by dropping us a tweet @CarbonRod4NUS, or post a note on facebook.

Delete and rename parts as appropriate to the workings of your particular union.

Model Motion To Support Inanimate Carbon Rod for NUS President 2013

This Meeting Notes / Believes

  1. That an Inanimate Carbon Rod is standing for the position of NUS UK National President at the upcoming NUS National Conference in April 2013.
  2. That over 900 people have “liked” the campaign page for the Inanimate Carbon Rod on facebook – several times more than any other candidate.

This Meeting Believes / Further Believes

  1. That regular students are disenfranchised and alienated from NUS.
  2. That Inanimate Carbon Rod’s campaign reaches out to these students, and best represents them.
  3. That therefore, Inanimate Carbon Rod is the most positive candidate for the position of NUS National President.
  4. That our Delegates to National Conference should vote for Inanimate Carbon Rod.

This Meeting Resolves

  1. That this Union’s Delegation to NUS National Conference 2013 should support, and vote for, Inanimate Carbon Rod in the election for National President.


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