Building the Students’-Workers’ Bomb


We need to be in it to win, and to win, we need to build the Bomb, in solidarity with workers and trade unionists. For too long, we’ve neglected to bomb the parasitic classes that are destroying our society and our Student Unions. We face the prospect of students not being able to express solidarity with workers, simple because there won’t be any workers left, so long as the ruling classes stay in power. We need to be working with activists and staff in Student Unions across the UK, turning their Unions into factories to assemble pieces of the Students’-Workers’ Bomb.

Only through dynamic and efficient construction of this bomb can we return control of Student Unions to their students, and workplaces to their workers. So let’s work together to get the job done. It won’t be easy, but I believe by working together under my leadership, NUS can achieve this vital task.